About the #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has spread a lot in the recent years and that is for a good reason. Although this movement is known under other names as well, the Me Too hashtag has been the most popular synonym for this widespread movement. In essence, this movement is against all forms of sexual assault and sexual harassment. What made the hashtag so popular was the viral tweet posted back in October of 20107 by the actress Alyssa Milano. The tweet was an attempt to draw attention to the problems of sexual harassment and assault, especially in the place of work. The #MeToo movement gained huge attraction during the allegations for sexual abuse made against Harvey Weinstein.

Origins of the Phrase #MeToo

            The first activist to use the phrase ‘Me Too’ was the American Tarana Burke. She is a social activist that used this phrase back in 2006, but the phrase was made lot more popular in 2017 when Alyssa Milano used it on Twitter. Milano used the phrase as a tool to encourage all victims of sexual harassment and assault to tweet their bad experiences and show other people the seriousness of this problem. That tweet proved to be a huge success and many famous actresses, musicians, and athletes started using the phrase to share their experiences.

Why #MeToo   

            When Tarana Burke used the phrase in 2006, she planned to promote people empowerment through showing empathy for women that have experienced some form of sexual abuse. This was primarily for women that lived in bad communities. Burke also made a documentary called Me Too, for which she said she got an inspiration from a teenage girl that told her that was sexually assaulted. Burke was left speechless to that confession and said that she only wanted to say ‘me too’. That is how the phrase Me Too got invented.

            Before the phrase #MeToo there were many other hashtags that were used as a way to draw attention to the problem with sexual harassment. However, #MeToo proved to be the catchiest, shortest and most effective hashtag used for this matter. Thanks to Alyssa Milano, this hashtag became extremely popular, but she still acknowledged and praised Burke for invention of this catchy phrase.

            The original goal that Tarana Burke had in mind back in 2006 was to encourage women to use this phrase and to empower them with empathy. Sexual harassment has been a big problem since forever, but only in the recent years people became more aware about it. Millions of women have started telling their stories of abuse and Me Too movement has spread in many different countries and in different languages. Today this movement has different meaning to different people and its initial purpose has expanded. Anyhow, Tarana Burke will be remembered as the creator of this widespread movement. Today #MeToo movement has grown significantly in comparison to a decade ago and now it includes men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The #MeToo movement is here to stay and to support marginalized individuals in all communities worldwide.

The Difference Between Mainstream Dating Sites and Adult Hookup Sites.

Dating game has changed a lot in the recent years. Ever since Internet got invented, people have found out about new, easier ways to interact and get in touch with other people. Today you no longer have to go at awkward first dates with people you know nothing about, because you can learn everything about them in advance thanks to dating sites. Online dating sites come very handy these days. They are great, especially for shy people because they serve as ideal ‘ice-breaker’. When people start interacting through online dating sites they feel very comfortable. New online dating sites are appearing every single day and today there are all kinds of dating sites for people with different interests. If you are looking to get into the dating game, then using one of these sites is recommendable as chances are high you will immediately find someone according your personal taste.  

How to Use Online Dating Sites

            Using online dating sites is pretty straightforward. All mainstream dating sites require following a few steps first before accessing their services. Usually you only need a valid email address to register on the dating site, pick a username and password and that is it. Some mainstream dating sites require providing real name when signing up and some other additional information such as home address or telephone. Of course, not all dating sites are the same and some are better than others in many segments. For example, there are paid and free dating sites, sites with millions of members and sites with hundreds members. In general, paid dating websites have better level of service in comparison to free dating sites, but that is not always the case. Good thing about all online dating sites is that signing up process does not take much of people`s time and you can immediately start browsing through profiles.

Mainstream Dating Sites and Adult Hookup Sites – How They Differ

            As mentioned, there are thousands of different dating sites created for people with different preferences. Mainstream dating sites are good, but they often do not offer what people are interested in the moment – quick hookup with someone living close to them. That is where adult hookup sites come into the picture. Adult hookup sites have advantage over mainstream dating sites in the fact that they offer greater level of anonymity and they are designed for people looking for quick adventures. They are not about long-term relationships, commitments and meeting life partners. Adult hookup sites are all about connecting sexually aroused people that want fast action. Examples of these sites at SexSwipes, which focuses on just hookups, Free Sexting App, which focuses on sexting and NudeTeens App which focuses on college hookups. At adult hookup sites you do not have to waste time on long conversations, arrange dates and dinners. People at these sites go right to the point, so if they like each other they just arrange to meet.

            These were the main characteristics and differences between mainstream dating sites and adult hookup sites. They offer pretty good services for people interested in them, so no matter what your sexual preference is, you will certainly meet someone.

Why Is President Trump Pushing for a Border Wall?

Border Patrol agents patrol the US-Mexico border prior to an Easter mass at the fence separating the two countries at Friendship Park in San Ysidro, California on Sunday, April 16, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Sandy Huffaker (Photo credit should read SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

The US President Donald Trump is determined to build a border wall towards Mexico, despite huge protests against it. Currently the US Government is shut down because of Trump`s persistence to build the wall and that may cause big problems in functioning of the government. There are many reasons for and against building the border wall, but when comparing the two it seems that people against building the wall are majority over people in favor of building it.

Why Build A Border Wall?

            The main reason that President Trump is stating for building the wall is that he believes the wall will prevent the wave of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. However, the borderline between USA and Mexico stretches for several thousand miles, so building such grandiose building will cost billions of taxpayers’ dollars. The opponents of building the wall believe that this investment will significantly hurt the US economy and that the money should be spent on more important things instead. However, president Trump is not backing off his plan and constantly threatens to build the wall as he promised that to his voters in his campaign for presidency.

What the Wall Will Mean For US and Mexico

            A bit strange in all this is that president Trump constantly says that Mexico will pay for this huge wall. However, truth is that Mexico will never pay for such thing. That leaves Trump with limited options, so if he insists to build the wall then he needs to use money from the American budget. That is why Democrats in the Congress are not allowing this to happen. Many Republicans have also voiced their displeasure with Trump`s idea to build such gigantic wall on the US-Mexico border. Not only building such wall will hurt the economy of United States of America, but it will also make the relationship between US and Mexico tense and hostile.

            In his defense, Trump says that building the wall is not against Mexicans in general, but it is against those people who have gang ties, criminal records, and that are coming illegally in the US. He believes that by erecting a wall, there will no longer be crime waves caused by illegal Mexican immigrants with criminal connections. Besides protecting against criminals, Trump also says that he wants to prevent Mexican women giving birth to babies on US soil, so they cannot later become American citizens. However, US President Trump often changes his views on these matters and not all people believe in his words that he only wants to protect his country from illegal immigrants.

            This is a very hot topic that is gaining traction in the recent weeks. The situation in America is far from great, as it seems that Democrats and Republicans cannot find common ground on this matter. Some people in the US Congress are mentioning the impeachment process against Trump as a way of solving this matter. Anyhow, we shall wait and see the developments on this matter that threatens to disrupt US-Mexico relations.

Is The New Pope Good for Christianity?

The Pope Francis became the Head of the Catholic Church in 2013 and is the first non-European Pope since the eighth century. Ever since Pope Francis took over leading the Catholic Church he became very likable person. What sets Pope Francis apart from other Popes in the past is the fact that he is very down-to-earth man that preaches good things for all people. His sermons are not just aimed at Christians, but to all people despite their religious background. Pope Francis has showed great compassion and understanding for people`s problems. Even non-believers and atheists find his teachings close to their hearts. In that matter, Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air in the world. Anyone can relate to his teachings, which is why millions of people regularly follow his sermons and preaching.

How New Pope Changed People

            Pope Francis changed people by changing the approach taken by most of his predecessors. Instead of being very conservative and close only to Catholics, Pope Francis has shared many liberal views with the public. He often preaches that we as people need to change as the world changes. That installs strong belief in people and they are becoming better persons. That is the main goal of Pope Francis – to help people become more compassionate, caring and loving towards others. The core of the Christian belief is to spread love. Love conquers everything, so Pope Francis goes back to the roots of Christianity and spreads the message of Jesus Christ.

            Listening to his preaching gives people hope for better tomorrow and better life for themselves and their families. Pope Francis often warns against unimportant things in life like chasing material goods. Instead, people should focus on becoming better as individuals and to spread love and happiness to people around them. Pope Francis has shown numerous times that he is really good for Christianity, because his message goes to every person in the world regardless of their personal beliefs. In the past Christians were often accused for doing crimes against people of other religions, but Pope Francis is trying to change that picture. He tells Christians to show love and compassion to people of all religions and help others in times of need.

            Besides his teachings and sermons, Pope Francis is very likeable person in general. He showed his passion for other things in life besides religion. He often goes to football matches and other sports events, attends musical happenings, and goes to places where other Popes have not been before. That is why many people can relate to him and see him as one of them. He has built great image to the Christianity and today he attracts many people with the way he speaks and acts. It seems that Pope Francis is following the same path as Jesus Christ and bringing back Christianity to people. No matter whether someone is believer or non-believer, there is no doubt that Pope Francis has changed the views of many people and is really good for Christianity.