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Feb 13

The Clinton Money Transferring Affair Exposes an FBI Agent

By Isabel Burgess | Law

Things in politics that the public perceives or at least is presented with is never the actual state of matter. More than once was the trust that we place in them by voting and supporting different campaigns proven to be misplaced. Many affairs that includes politicians were resolved, showing what happened only after the damage was done and money were already lost. Clinton money transferring affair involves people in other structures that weren’t in the scene of corruption so far.

FBI Agent’s Brother to Dictate the Tax Rate

There is a saying in America: two things are inevitable, death and tax. Well, apparently this rule doesn’t apply to the former secretary of state Hilary Clinton. Apparently, there was a certain understanding between an FBI Agent James Comey and Hilary Foundation that determined Hilary’s tax rate.  When former President Barrack Obama nominated Comey for FBI director in 2013, Comey stated to United States Senate that we would denounce every all case involving former employers. Although he publicly stated that, in the first year he earned more than 6 million dollars from Lockheed Martine, a company that became a donor for Clinton Foundation on that same year.

What is interesting is that Comey’s brother Peter Comey is involved in this affair as well. Peter Comey work in the law firm that does taxes for Clinton Foundation, and there is nothing wrong here. But as Comey was receiving donations from Clinton Foundation, and his brother worked on resolving tax issues for Clinton Foundation, an interesting financial relationship with his brother is what connects these dots together and raises suspicion for position abuse.

The Masquerade behind DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a law firm that represented Hillary Clinton in the email affair that occurred recently. Although Peter Comey, FBI director James’s brother, isn’t listed as an employee on their official website, he serves as a senior director of Real Estate Americas. And no matter how fictional this title sounds, this is how Peter Comey is listed in the employment record of DLA Piper. Now to make matters worse, besides the fact of recent involvement in defense of Hilary Clinton’s case, Peter is associated with tax regulations and financial relationship with James. James although has nothing to do directly with Peter, but he doesn’t deny the fact that he actually is accepting donations from Clinton Foundation.

And as for the surprising financial relationship with his brother, there is nothing to say, as his involvement in the affair in undisputable. To end this charade and resolve the matter would involve accusing FBI director, former Secretary of the State as well as an employee of a respectable law firm for nepotism, corruption, and abuse of position that involves the illegal transfer of funds. As this is not the first political affair where Hillary’s name is mentioned we hope that the matter will be resolved in short notice. Justice should prevail, and no position should determine immunity status for these laws.