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Jan 22

Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer near You

By Isabel Burgess | Attorneys , Compensation , Law

Personal injury law refers to the sets of legislation designed to protect and financially compensate those who have been physically or emotionally injured by another individual, business or government agency. Examples include slip-and-fall injuries, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, assault and battery, exposure to harmful substances, and defective products.

Car accidents are the most common. They happen daily, anywhere from every five to ten seconds. There is no clearer cut answer as to how many happen each second because a significant amount of incidents, large and small, are never reported. Below you will find common types of injuries that a Personal Injury Law firm can assist you with in court.

Car accidents can result in a range of injuries, but three types occur most frequently. These include:

Personal Head and Back Injuries

Head injuries are one of the most severe car accident injuries. Drivers and Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuitpassengers in high-speed crashes can hit their heads against dashboards, steering wheels, or windows. This can cause traumatic brain injuries, ranging from just mild concussions to comas and continuing cognitive issues.

Thorough medical treatment and long-term care are usually required after. Head injuries can also cause hearing loss, skull fractures, and impaired vision.

Back injuries are common as well. Any damage to the spinal cord may result in remarkable nerve damage. You may experience reduced sense of and control over your arms, hands, legs, feet, and other body parts. More severe forms of spinal damage can paralyze some.

Herniated discs are also common. This is much less dangerous than head injuries or spinal damage, but could still cause notable problems. These personal injury patients often experience muscle weakness, tingling or numb sensations, and leg or arm pain.

Neck and Chest Injuries

The most well-known car accident injury is whiplash. The abrupt motion of the head and neck (typically from rear-end collisions) can cause acute neck muscle and ligament damage. Whiplash injuries vary to each person, depending on the health of the individual as well as the accident. Overall neck pain and swelling are also common. Temporary vocal cord paralysis may happen as well.

Many serious injuries occur to the chest. Blunt force trauma from car accidents can cause broken ribs and collapsed lungs. Individuals with heart problems can go into cardiac arrest from an accident. Internal bleeding in the chest region could be an immediate issue after an accident. Damage to the internal pelvic organs and the abdomen can also happen. Such injuries need immediate medical attention.

Other Injuries Covered by Personal Injury Law

Injuries to the arms, legs, hands and feet may be familiar. Injuries involving pedestrians can see leg and foot costs in addition to all those mentioned above.

Motorcyclists included in car accidents can endure significantly more severe and more numerous injuries. Examples are torn ACLs, broken bones, and even severed limbs. The fatality rate for motorcyclists is also higher than that for passengers and drivers in cars.

Psychological distress in the aftermath is also prevalent. People most often drive or ride in cars with family or friends. Serious car crashes can result in emotional scars on those who have who suffered serious injuries in addition to individuals who witnessed them. Counseling and treatment for PTSD and similar emotional issues is standard.

In closing, if you or a loved one is involved in a car accident and sustain any injuries, it is crucial that you collect evidence and report it, as there is a possibility that you could have a legitimate personal injury claim to monetary compensation.

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Jan 16

Why You Need Your Own Workers’ Comp Attorney

By Isabel Burgess | Attorneys , Compensation , Law

Injuries in the workplace occur more frequently than most would imagine. Accidents are unavoidable, and sometimes serious injuries such as to the spinal cord, or a fall onto your back, head, or neck can result in terrible, chronic, or even permanent trauma.Workers' Comp Spinal Injury

Some of these injuries can be as serious as nerve obtrusion’s, bulging/herniated disks of the spinal column, neurological damage, and in serious cases nerve damage, paralysis or even death.

Even the smallest wound or laceration can require surgical treatment and up to a year or more of rehab services before being able to feel like you’re back to normal. Too often, after a back or head injury, you never return completely back to the way you used to feel. This is when a workers’ compensation attorney can come in handy.

Any doctor will tell you that spinal cord trauma is among the most painful and emotionally disparaging types of injuries that a person can go through. The possibilities of life-long paralysis are exponentially higher with spinal cord damage, and the cost of living for those with partial or full paralysis are always immense.

Receiving Workers Comp

No one should have to go through the pain and suffering of severe physical impairments, but that’s why you have the option to receive workers compensation pay to help ease yourself into the new lifestyle you will be developing. So why would you trust the insurance company that represents the business where you were injured on the job? Simply put, an insurance company will generally fight to protect their client.

There is a lot that goes into a workers’ compensation claim and most people just don’t know what to do or expect. The last thing you want to do is agree to settle your claim with the company before you have even figured out what the current status of your health is, or what kind of injuries you might have obtained.

What Is Workers’ Comp?

This is a type of compensation pay and Medicare services from an insurance company in case you become ill or suffer a physical injury because of your job. This so-called compensation fee is required to be paid out by your employer, but the law around these factors vary from state to state. Complying with your state’s laws regarding compensation benefits is a crucial part of an attorney’s job.

As we spoke of earlier, death is an unfortunate accident but does sometimes occur in the workplace. Even though there are differences in the state’s law regarding workers’ comp, most provide death, medical, and physical/mental handicap services.

The differences will usually include things like the payout amount that is received by the injured individual for pain, suffering, and medical expenses like doctors visits, prescriptions, surgeries, and more.

The most important aspect to workers compensation pay is that your loved ones can receive payment on your behalf after your death, to ensure that they are taken care of. Your family and their happiness are great reasons to make sure that your rights and the rights of your loved ones are fought for and protected.