"Seek, and you shall find." -- Matthew 7:7

Publications is an independent publisher, bookseller, and researcher featuring books and pamphlets on pertinent topics for the times we live in. We offer material on historical facts concealed by the educational system, controversial issues suppressed by corrupt politics, forgotten legal rights, insights to our heritage and culture, Scriptural truths that have been corrupted by mainline churches, etc.  Our aim is to help you seek out the truth and find information in such areas without relying on establishment sources.  

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." --Proverbs 4:7"

  The following is a category listing of subjects and books available:

Rights & Government
America & History
Bible Studies and Theology
Law & Legal Reference
Money and Taxes
  Israel Identity & Jewish Issues
 Health and  Survival
Miscellaneous Titles
Racial Issues
Articles, Debates & Questions
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