Is The New Pope Good for Christianity?

Is The New Pope Good for Christianity?

The Pope Francis became the Head of the Catholic Church in 2013 and is the first non-European Pope since the eighth century. Ever since Pope Francis took over leading the Catholic Church he became very likable person. What sets Pope Francis apart from other Popes in the past is the fact that he is very down-to-earth man that preaches good things for all people. His sermons are not just aimed at Christians, but to all people despite their religious background. Pope Francis has showed great compassion and understanding for people`s problems. Even non-believers and atheists find his teachings close to their hearts. In that matter, Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air in the world. Anyone can relate to his teachings, which is why millions of people regularly follow his sermons and preaching.

How New Pope Changed People

            Pope Francis changed people by changing the approach taken by most of his predecessors. Instead of being very conservative and close only to Catholics, Pope Francis has shared many liberal views with the public. He often preaches that we as people need to change as the world changes. That installs strong belief in people and they are becoming better persons. That is the main goal of Pope Francis – to help people become more compassionate, caring and loving towards others. The core of the Christian belief is to spread love. Love conquers everything, so Pope Francis goes back to the roots of Christianity and spreads the message of Jesus Christ.

            Listening to his preaching gives people hope for better tomorrow and better life for themselves and their families. Pope Francis often warns against unimportant things in life like chasing material goods. Instead, people should focus on becoming better as individuals and to spread love and happiness to people around them. Pope Francis has shown numerous times that he is really good for Christianity, because his message goes to every person in the world regardless of their personal beliefs. In the past Christians were often accused for doing crimes against people of other religions, but Pope Francis is trying to change that picture. He tells Christians to show love and compassion to people of all religions and help others in times of need.

            Besides his teachings and sermons, Pope Francis is very likeable person in general. He showed his passion for other things in life besides religion. He often goes to football matches and other sports events, attends musical happenings, and goes to places where other Popes have not been before. That is why many people can relate to him and see him as one of them. He has built great image to the Christianity and today he attracts many people with the way he speaks and acts. It seems that Pope Francis is following the same path as Jesus Christ and bringing back Christianity to people. No matter whether someone is believer or non-believer, there is no doubt that Pope Francis has changed the views of many people and is really good for Christianity.