Who Is Esau-Edom?
In the ancient time and land of the Bible, nearly 4,000 years ago, Rebekah, the wife of the patriarch Isaac, was informed by God that she would give birth to twins whose fate would be as diverse as their character. 
       The dissimilar and conflicting character and destiny of these twins, Esau  and Jacob, would have the most profound impact on future events in the world.  This book traces the life & destiny of  Esau and his descendants, the Edomites, to the present day, and   their connection with modern Jewry.
       The analysis of the history and Scriptural insight of Esau and   the Edomites, will unveil and explain many of the problems in the world. It will offer a new perspective on wars, economic crisis,  hate crimes, political conspiracies, Zionism, anti-Semitism,  anti-Christianity, government corruption and the Jewish issue.
      The question of "Who is Esau-Edom" undoubtedly involves the most stupendous drama ever enacted in the annals of man.


Who are the people called Jews?   It is well known that they  are of a very mixed stock.  Part of that mixture includes a people known as Edomites, a people descended from Esau whom God hated (Rom. 9:13).

136 pages, soft cover, 170 footnote references, $8.00


America and other Christian nations have seen a steady decline in their society, justice, morality and economy, while crime, government oppression, drugs, and secularization continually increase.  Why?  The main cause is the free reign of Antichrists in the land.  This book analyzes this problem and identifies these antichrists and their evil ways.    Covers the following topics: 
    The Ways of the Antichrists.
    Destroying The Foundations.
    Media Power and Control. 
    The Israelis and Palestine
    Political Control and Corruption.
    Drugs and Organized Crime.
    Pornography and Moral Decay.
    The Feminist Movement.
    Suppressing Freedom of Speech.
    God's Enemies

This is an easy-to-read and very revealing book which is suited for the time we live in.   But a word of caution:  This book is not recommended for those who fear controversy or are afraid of Christ's enemies.  Has many footnote references.
by C.A. Weisman,  128 pages, $8.00   


Uncovering Your Inheritance

The Best Kept Secret In The World

  Learn the ancient origins and history of the European peoples,   and their racial and cultural connection to the Israel people of   the Bible. Also learn why this truth has been kept from us,   making it "The Best Kept Secret in the World."
  This book on the true identity of Israel (God's people) is extensive enough to interest even  longtime believers, yet its contents is such that it can  hold interest of anyone interested in history, religion, archeology,  prophecy, or their racial heritage and roots.
  Shows the connecting link between Israel and European   names, landmarks, crests, coat of arms, and insignias. Also   contains an unprecedented list of 150+  famous individuals who  knew the we (Europeans) were Israel.

245 pages, 500+ footnotes, 200 pictures, $15.50


God's Covenant People

Yesterday, Today and Forever ,  by Evangelist Ted Weiland 
  The question of who are God's people was a fundamentally important and key issue throughout Bible history.  Due to God's promises, blessings and prophecies, the issue is still important today -- for God's Israel people are the same "yesterday, today and forever."  No one can truly understand the Bible or current events without understanding who are God's people and who are not. Contents include:

  * God's Plan for Physical Israel -- Shows why God still works with a physical rather than a spiritual people.
  * Israel in the New Testament -- Why the New Testament was written for and about the same race of people as in the Old Testament.
  * Are Today's Jews Israelites? -- Reveals how the modern day Jew is falsely identified as Israelites.
  * The Aspects of Israel's Scriptural Identity -- Scriptural evidence  from a National, Geographical and Spiritual perspective showing the  white Europeans as God's Israel people.
"For Thou [God] hast established for Thyself Thy people Israel as Thine own people forever."
--2 Samuel 7:24
"For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed." 
--Malachi 3:6
"He [Jesus] will reign over the house of Jacob forever."
--Luke 1:33
460 pages, 700+ footnote references, soft cover, $16.00


The question of Jewish Identity is two-fold:  1) Who are the "Jews" in the Bible?  and 2) Who are the Jews today and in history.  Before the Jew's involvement in world events, doctrine, or prophecy can be proclaimed, the identity of the "Jews" must first be ascertained. This book explains:
  • The Biblical Jew -- Analyses the meaning of the words "Jew" and "Gentile," which don't belong any where in the Bible. They are mistranslations of Hebrew and Greek words.
  • God's Cursed and Rejected People -- The main key in understanding Jewish Identity,  and what is going on in the world today, involves an understanding of blessings and curses.   Just as God has blessed and chosen certain people, He has also cursed and rejected certain people.  Explains the spiritual and racial make-up of the Jew.
  • The Word Jew -- A linguistical and etymological analysis of the word "Jew," showing that it did not exist in the English language until the 14th century A.D.
  • Jewish Law and Religion -- The law and religion of the Jews exists because of a curse upon them, and stands as a mark of their identity with cursed individuals in the Bible.
  • 72 page Book, illustrated, $7.00. ... ... .. ....


    The International Jew

        Around 1918, Henry Ford had assembled a team of intelligent research men and commissioned them to make a complete and thorough study of the International Jew.  No expense was spared and an estimated 7 million dollars were spent on the project.  From 1920 to 1922, Ford compiled and published their findings in The Dearborn Independent, which was the official newspaper of the Ford Motor Company.      These articles were published in book form consisting of four volumes. The books were sold in bookstores and a set of them were given to each purchaser of a Ford automobile.
        Though a great howl went up from the Jews as soon as The International Jew hit the scene, none of them took up Ford's open challenge for anyone to disprove what had been written in the books. 
        To this day no Jew or non-Jew has attempted to refute its contents.   We are offering an abridged edition which contains the selected articles from the original four volume publication of the International Jew.      231 pages of interesting facts and comments on the subject.
    Compiled by Henry Ford, Sr., Abridged., soft cover, $11.50 . . . . . . 

    Also available is the full, 4-volume set of the International Jew, in modern type - - $46.00


       The Zionists is an historical treatise on the plans, tactics and subversive  acts of the Zionists. The author is to the point, and unlike most modern day   conservatives, he points the finger at and identifies those individuals   involved.
       The Zionists was originally published in 1950.  Thus it was written at a time  when the Zionists had made their greatest advances through their   manipulation of WW II, the formation of the United Nations, and the   establishment of their Zionist state of Israeli.  Chapter contents include: 1.) The Jews.   2.) The Talmud.   3.) Protocols.   4.) Woodrow Wilson.      5.) First World War.     6.) Palestine and Theodore Herzl.   7.) Rabbi  Wise.   8.) Franklin D. Roosevelt.    9.) Harry Solomon Truman.    10.) Zionist Victory and Nuremberg.    11.) War Criminals.  12.) Marshall-Levitsky Plan.  13.) United Nations.

    by Judge George W. Armstrong,  134 pages, soft cover, $8.00

    Jewish Domination
    Of Weimar Germany  1919 - 1932
    Originally published in 1933  by The General League of Anti-Communist Associations.  Shows that during the period of the Weimar Republic, Jews heavily dominated industry, finance, commerce, medicine, law and theater, yet made up only 1% of the population.  The Jews became apostles of communism and carriers of corruption, which forced the Government of Germany to adopt certain legal measures to curtail the authority exercised by Jews.   Contains many pictures and charts.    8 1/2" x 11"  32 pages  -- $9.00


    Heirs of the Promise

    For those who are looking for a short overview and explanation of   the theology called "Israel Identity" (or Christian Identity), this  booklet is an excellent resource. Written by Pastor Sheldon Emry, it is a classical summary of the Bible, prophecy, promises, archeology, and Israel history through the centuries.  If one wants to know more about the Bible, they must know about the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This message is the key that unlocks many mysteries and basic messages of the Bible.
    by Pastor Sheldon Emery, 28 page booklet, $3.00


    This tract reveals the Jews that have been involved in Hollywood and the movie industry, including the owners, producers, directors, actors and actresses.   It refers to the Committee on Un-American Activities that identified many Jewish movie stars as members of the Communist Party.   This is solid proof of Jewish control in a critical area. 
    --- 75 cents.    addtocart


    The Hidden Tyranny

    Also Known as "THE  ROSENTHAL  DOCUMENT"

    This is a transcript of an interview with a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal in 1976. Mr. Rosenthal, an aide to Senator Javits of New York, was well informed of the "inner invisible world of Jewry."
    Rosenthal boldly and bluntly discussed the various tactics certain Jews have used in destroying Christian civilization and gaining control over our lives and governments. This Jewish tyranny he attributes to "the stupid goyim" who are so "gullible" they are unable to see who is destroying their own culture, and even help their enemies towards these ends. 
    Mr. Rosenthal also exposes the big lie that Jews are just another religious group and not a nation or racial group.   This is one of the most sensational documents you will ever read--an issue that dwarfs all others.
    Also contains 43 footnote references & comments; and a bibliography of books which support the contents of this book.

    52 page booklet, $4.65 .


    What World Famous Men
    Said About Jews 

      This interesting booklet contains over 100 quotes made about the  Jews by famous individuals throughout history, dating back   before the birth of Christ.  It includes quotes from:  Cicero, Martin   Luther, George Washington,  Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,  Churchill, 12 Popes,  Henry Ford,  Mark Twain,  Charles  Lindbergh,  Napoleon,  Gen. Charles de Gaulle, Sir Francis Bacon,   Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Harry Truman, Richard Wagner,  George Bernard Shaw, and many more.  

    40 page booklet with 31 photos, $4.25


    Behind Communism

       This is probably the single greatest book ever written exposing   the Jewish influence behind the world communist conspiracy.   The author, Frank Britton, gives the names, shows the faces,  and describes the events proving the Jewish origin of the   Bolshevik revolution and conquest of Tsarist Russia in 1917. 
        First published in the 1950's, all of the author's claims about red spies, especially about Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, have been   confirmed by newly-released Soviet archives.  Also reveals the   Jewish predominance in the movies and film making industry.
         This book will shock you with its cold hard facts and the over   100 photos it contains.  This has been one of the books that  the establishment has suppressed since WWII.
    102 page book, soft cover, $6.25

    What About The Seedline Doctrine?
    This booklet covers the issue of the origin of the Jews, which some people believe goes back to Cain.  They say that Cain was the result of "Satan" or the Serpent having sexual relations with Eve in Eden.    The main verse used to support this doctrine is Genesis 3:15, where God tells the Serpent:
    And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his heed.
    According to the Seedline Doctrine, this verse reveals that there are two, distinct seedlines in the earth.   That being God's people through Adam, Seth and Noah, and the seed of the serpent through Cain and his descendants.   This doctrine has become one of the most controversial topics within Israel believers.  Our book reveals the many flaws and errors in the interpretation in this doctrine.  It also shows that the origin of this doctrine stems from ancient Jewish literature.


    56 page Booklet -- $5.00