Common Types of Cases That Can Be Covered by the Personal Injury Law

By Isabel Burgess | Attorneys

Apr 12

What are the different types of personal injury cases? Are you, or is a member of your family a victim of it?

Here is a guide of the most common type of personal injuries so that if accidentally you encounter such, you will know right away that it can be settled through the law.

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Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law advice1. Road Accidents

Car accidents, truck, motorcycle, and other mobile vehicle accidents belong to this case. This is a very common type of claim. Road accidents are one of the main causes of brain and spinal cord injuries. When you file a lawsuit involving road accidents, the other party can carry the insurance to cover your medical expenses.

Claiming personal injury to road accidents, however, can be quite challenging. You will have to provide enough evidence that the other party has caused harm to you. Also, if your claim is more than the policy so permits, you may not be getting paid, or it might be put on hold. If the damage is too big and your claim has exceeded the limits, you and your lawyer may need to find another party to sue to cover the damages, and enough evidence is required for it to be approved.

 2. Slip and Falls

Another very common type of cases are the slip and falls. These cases occur when the property owner fails to keep the place safe for those using it, thus causing injuries to them. Personal injury can be filed because an owner a property had the legal duty of keeping the area safe for the tenants of users but failed to do so. Because of the negligence of the property owner, he can be liable for a compensation claim due to slip and falls.

3. Dog Bites

Dog bites are another common type of claims. The owner of the dog if responsible for keeping it safe from harming people all the time, so if the dog has bitten a person who has done nothing onto it, and especially if the bite has caused serious damage to the person, a case can be filed to the owner.

ersonal injury law for claims4. Medical Malpractice and Other Malpractice Related Injuries

Medical malpractice can cause serious damage to a person’s body and health. This type of case usually happens when a doctor or any health care professional fails to provide the proper medical care and treatment that the patient needs which leads to injury. Some situations where an injury caused by medical malpractice can be filed are when the doctor has wrongly diagnosed the patient’s condition, failing to treat the condition worsening the person’s health, giving the wrong dosage of a drug, etc.


Personal injury cases are not only limited to these situations. If someone or something has caused a serious injury to you, research, and look for law experts on personal injury to seek advice as to what legal steps you should need to get compensation for the damages that the injury has caused you.