The Origin of Race and Civilization

Exposes the false Christian doctrines and the distorted historical and scientific teachings on the origin of races and civilizations.  Before any discussion or conclusions can be made about the subject of race, the first thing that must be determined is their origin, since that fact will have a major impact on all other racial issues.  This book will show that:
  • There are no inconsistencies or conflicts between the word of God (Scripture) and the works of God (Nature & Science).
  • Both "creationism" and "evolutionism" are contrived humanistic concepts which teach the same basic ideas about species, genetics, and racial origins.
  • Both Scriptural, historical, and scientific evidence shows that the varied races of man are not equal, but are distinct "kinds" or species.
  • Adam was not the first man. Both human and subhuman beings walked this earth tens of thousands of years before Adam. 
  • The white Adamic race have been the innovators and builders of all advanced civilizations throughout history.
  • The Identity of the Israel people is revealed from Scripture and Egyptian monuments. 

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There are now hundreds of  scientific studies and laboratory tests that overwhelming prove that behavior and intelligence are substantially heritable, somewhere between 40 and 80 percent.  This means that  much of the observed variation in IQ and behavioral traits among the races is due to genetics.  

The differences in IQ and behavior are also found in observing history and current events.  The problems of poverty, crime, riots, unemployment, housing, illiteracy , welfare, and lowering academic requirements are all due to the inherent difference in the races.   The result has been cultural decline and moral decay.
For decades blacks have exhibited a 10 to 11 point  lower IQ score compared to whites.  And decades of  affirmative action, Head Start programs and special legislation have failed to eliminate this disparity.

Contains 25 illustrations and 56 footnote references.

Jefferson And Lincoln On Race And Slavery

  Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are regarded as two of the greatest statesmen that America has ever knownLinc-Cov .  But most Americans know very little about what these men said about race, slavery and equality.
  • Jefferson on Race and Slavery -- Thomas Jefferson was a naturalist, thus his comments on racial characteristics and interrelations are still valid and applicable today.   Jefferson did not believe all races were equal, and was a strong supporter of colonization plans to send American Negroes back to Africa.
  • Lincoln's Negro Policy -- Abraham Lincoln is held up by the Establishment as an icon of racial equality, although he spoke of blacks as "inferior" and whites as "superior" races.   Lincoln did not free the slaves, and he was not an abolitionist. Up to the very end Lincoln's policy was to "get rid of the Negroes."
   This material will give anyone a better insight to American history.   This is especially so because the Establishment has distorted or conceal much of the history surrounding these men and the issues of race and slavery they dealt with.  Jefferson said: Truth can stand on its own, it is error that needs the constant support of government.
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A detailed history of the white, Adamic race.  The author traces the migrations and civilizations of this race from ancient Egypt, India, Sumer, Mesopotamia, to the Shemites, Phoenicians, Israelites and Europeans.  Presents many of the symbols, heraldry, etymology, archeological artifacts and biblical signs that identify the Europeans as the descendants of the ancient builders of Egypt, the Phoenicians colonizers, and Israelite people.  For anyone interested in their heritage or destiny.
By Frederick Haberman, 185 pages, soft cover, $9.00 . . . . . .


This book was written as a rebutal and expose of a recent  book by a "Christian" group who published a very badly researched book called One Blood.    Its objective  was to persuade Christians to adopt a humanistic perspective on Race, which conflicts with Scripture, Nature and Science.

The material in this book (Not Of One Blood) is a biblical, historical and scientific evaluation of the racial equality doctrine.   It exposes the common misinterpretation of Acts 17:26 as being contrary to Scripture, biological fact, and proper word/meaning application.  Topics include:

   * Why the Fear of Race.      * Race in Scripture.     * The Cain Enigma.
 . .
* Hypocrisy and Race.        * Acts 17:26.                   * Primitive Races.   . .
. .
* Inter-racial Marriage.         * Heredity.   . .   .  . .   .  . * Lessons of History.

The content of this book is of utmost importance, especially since much of the turmoil in the world today revolves around the political and theological doctrine of equality.
Well documented, 64 pages -- $6.25 . . . . . . . . 

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