Why Is President Trump Pushing for a Border Wall?

Why Is President Trump Pushing for a Border Wall?

Border Patrol agents patrol the US-Mexico border prior to an Easter mass at the fence separating the two countries at Friendship Park in San Ysidro, California on Sunday, April 16, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Sandy Huffaker (Photo credit should read SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

The US President Donald Trump is determined to build a border wall towards Mexico, despite huge protests against it. Currently the US Government is shut down because of Trump`s persistence to build the wall and that may cause big problems in functioning of the government. There are many reasons for and against building the border wall, but when comparing the two it seems that people against building the wall are majority over people in favor of building it.

Why Build A Border Wall?

            The main reason that President Trump is stating for building the wall is that he believes the wall will prevent the wave of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. However, the borderline between USA and Mexico stretches for several thousand miles, so building such grandiose building will cost billions of taxpayers’ dollars. The opponents of building the wall believe that this investment will significantly hurt the US economy and that the money should be spent on more important things instead. However, president Trump is not backing off his plan and constantly threatens to build the wall as he promised that to his voters in his campaign for presidency.

What the Wall Will Mean For US and Mexico

            A bit strange in all this is that president Trump constantly says that Mexico will pay for this huge wall. However, truth is that Mexico will never pay for such thing. That leaves Trump with limited options, so if he insists to build the wall then he needs to use money from the American budget. That is why Democrats in the Congress are not allowing this to happen. Many Republicans have also voiced their displeasure with Trump`s idea to build such gigantic wall on the US-Mexico border. Not only building such wall will hurt the economy of United States of America, but it will also make the relationship between US and Mexico tense and hostile.

            In his defense, Trump says that building the wall is not against Mexicans in general, but it is against those people who have gang ties, criminal records, and that are coming illegally in the US. He believes that by erecting a wall, there will no longer be crime waves caused by illegal Mexican immigrants with criminal connections. Besides protecting against criminals, Trump also says that he wants to prevent Mexican women giving birth to babies on US soil, so they cannot later become American citizens. However, US President Trump often changes his views on these matters and not all people believe in his words that he only wants to protect his country from illegal immigrants.

            This is a very hot topic that is gaining traction in the recent weeks. The situation in America is far from great, as it seems that Democrats and Republicans cannot find common ground on this matter. Some people in the US Congress are mentioning the impeachment process against Trump as a way of solving this matter. Anyhow, we shall wait and see the developments on this matter that threatens to disrupt US-Mexico relations.